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  • How to get the instruments of serveral instances of VEP6 on the same MIR Pro-venue ?


    I always preferred one instance of VEP5, because I can have all instruments in one venue of MIR Pro.

    With seperate instances of VEP5, I get a new venue of MIR Pro per instance, so all the instruments didn’t  show up in one common venue.

    With the tabbed setup of VEP6 I have the same problem : Each instance has its own MIR-Pro venue.

    But in the manual and the new video for VEP6 I see one common venue.

    How can I get one common venue of MIR Pro with more than one instance ?

    Thanks in advance.


    PS: Sorry, I don't know why there are so many Style-Sheets shown in my post. I don't see them.

    Perhaps a fault when using Firefox; Firefox is getting worse with each day.

  • HI Peter, 

    If you don´t need tabbed instances, that´s absolutely fine!
    You can easily establish a great overview with Folders and Groups, in my eyes. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry. My english is bad.

    My question was: With tabbed VEP6, how can I have all instruments of different instances in one single venue.

    In your video „VE_PRO_6_New_Features“ at 00:26 you show 7 tabbed instances (Strings I, Strings II, Brass …) and the instruments are placed all together in one venue of MIR Pro (Berlin Teldex Studio).

    I don’t know how to get this. When I create a new instance of VEP6, I always get a new venue of MIR Pro.

    Even if I choose the same venue for each new instance, the instruments  don’t show up together, but are separated in single venues.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Peter, I understand what you're after, but I'm sorry to say that this isn't possible (yet). There are two reasons for this restriction. One can be found in the history of MIR: It has always been meant to be used as the mixing front end on your most powerful machine. The second one is a logical result from the first: MIR Pro comes with one license for one single machine. That said, a network-savvy solution for MIR Pro is on our wish-list since quite some time now, but obviously other features had higher priority for the most recent update of VE Pro. I have no schedule for its implementation either. Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz,

    thank you for your quick reply.


    Sorry when I insist: I’m not after a network-solution.


    I have VEP6 Server, VEP6-Plugin, VIPro and MIR Pro (with all 5 venues) on the same machine.


    Till now I always used one instance to have all instruments in one venue.


    But when I saw your video „VE_PRO_6_New_Features“ at 00:26, no doubt:  there are 7 tabbed instances and the instruments are placed all together in one venue of MIR Pro (Berlin Teldex Studio).


    So there must be a solution !?


  • Hello Peter, 

    I made this video, and I can assure you that only the instruments loaded in the given instance are shown in the MIR PRO GUI. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    Heavy misunderstanding.

    In the video I saw the instance „Strings“ 2 highlighted and in the Berlin Teldex Studio venue I saw percussion- and brass-instruments, which  I thought coming from the 3rd (Brass) and 5th (Percussion) instance (coloured tabs).

    So the purchase of VEP6 is a bad investment for me, because I have to use only one instance for all the VSL-Instruments as usual and cannot benefit from tabbed instances.



  • Hi, I have a same question:
    For example, I have 2 instances. In first I have a strings, and at second I have a winds. In Vepro 5, if I place MIR pro as insert plugin, as result I have a one venue in standalone version of MIR with all strings and winds inside - so I can see and place all instruments at once.
    If I try to do same in Vepro 6, I have a different venue for strings and different venue for winds.. I need a frequently switching between different tabs/venues for see all instruments. It's not usefull.. Is it possible to see instruments of all frames on the one venue?

    Best regards,

  • Hi, 

    I know it's not ideal, but iit is not possible at this point to share one MIR PRO Venue for multiple VE PRO 6 tabs. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL