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  • Driven for Mixed Chamber Ensemble

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    Intense dancing rhythms, intricate counterpoint, and expressive, passionate melodies drive this energetic piece. Kick in to high gear from the very first note and experience a wild race to the finish! Produced with all VSL Symphonic Cube standard libraries.

    Driven by David Carovillano

    Hope you enjoy 😊


  • Hi David.

    No doubt: the more you master VSL instruments, the more your compositions show
    the brighter side of your artistry.

    My only complaint is for the spacey ambience players are put in.
    Just a matter of taste, you know. It doesn't invalidate the enjoyable
    work you've done.

    All the best.

    VI Special Edition 1-3, Reaper, MuseScore 3, Notion 3 (collecting dust), vst flotsam and jetsam
  • Thank you for listening and for taking a moment to offer your thoughts! Learning the nuances of Mir is a work in progress. The aim right now with reverb is to enjoy some of the bigger spaces while still maintaining clarity. It's challenging to find that balance. Thanks again! David

  • Hi David

    This sounds very natural to me aswell as with a lot of good Ideas like fast Runs, congrats

  • I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to the piece and for your kind words.  My wife, Becky and I continue to be amazed by the seemingly endless learning curve of virtual instruments, but also by the endless possibilities for variety/nuanced performances. 

    If you're so inclined, you can listen (and follow the scores) to my two orchestral overtures, Fantasia and Chasing Brilliance, among others at my youtube channel:

  • Great piece David. I love the energy you capture in this piece. I also really like the third movement to your 1st string quartet....same energy capture as in this piece (also the second movement is wonderfully subtle!). Your VSL orchestrations are superb.

  • Hi David,

    A marvellous composition with a very decent use of VSL libraries. Fantastic! The sound setting looks OK to me, after all it's a chamber piece and doesn't require a huge ambience. I guess you've made a good choice of venue.

    The only thing I'm missing a bit is energy. This work could have a lot. A more daring interpretation would - to my taste - add more value to the wonderful composition. I think of powerful sample starts, (sfz or the-like), precise choice of articulations, tempi, accents... Of course this is a matter of taste, but the piece could get a lot of benefit from it.

    Congrats for the fine composition!


  • Thank you Wayne and Max for your comments. Wayne, I am a big fan of your music, so a compliment from you is quite special! The String Quartet was just re-done and posted to my youtube channel at this link if you'd like to hear the (hopefully!) improved VSL rendering: [url=][/url] Max, thanks as always for your insight. I agree that it could have been even more "punchy", especially the opening few bars. As e piece develops, I feel the accents and forward momentum are quite lively, but generally, I do tend to restrain myself at times for fear of the music sounding unnatural. Dave

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