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  • VEP6 questions pre installation


    Before I install VEP6, could I please ask whether the the VSTi/AU identifier for VEP6 the same as VEP5? I.e. if I install VEP6, will it (in effect) take the place of VEP5, such that loading a project that used to use VEP5 will now use VEP6 instead, or is it a separate VSTi/AU in its own right so that any existing projects will continue to use VEP5?

    Also, does an upgrade licence replace the licence for VEP5, or will they be additional licences so that I can continue to use VEP5 on the same number of computers while stability issues are sorted out in VEP6?


    Many thanks!


  • Hello Michael, 

    Yes, VE PRO 6 takes the place of VE PRO 5. 

    An upgrade license UPGRADES your VE PRO 5 license to VE PRO 6 => so both licenses are combined as one, and you can use either VE PRO 5 or VE PRO 6. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL