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  • R.I.P. Einojuhani Rautavaara

    Another one of the very few original composers left in the world passed away. Recommended to Juilliard by Sibelius himself, Rautavaara left behind a considerable body of work with an impressive ratio of total number vs. important pieces. I own quite a few of them and I'll keep buying. Opera doesn't seem to be his strong suit but the orchestral and piano w/wt orchestra I highly recommend. I don't seem to know much about his chamber output come to think of it - probably worth looking into.

  • I have heard something of his that I was very impressed by, but am not familiar with his work in general.  Could you list some of the major works you like? 

  • Rautavaara has the stamp, the aroma of real character and identity in his music, rather than just the corpse-like melange/linear presentation of orchestral techniques without soul or extra-technical raison d'etre. Plus, it's not about the things his works are, refreshingly, not, but - in my opinion - it also carries its own flavour, as well as formal and musical cogency and northern beauty. I'm afraid only George Crumb is left of that last, historically important generation, that still carries the torch, and I don't know the composer that will succeed this unbroken line whose beginning is lost somewhere in the middle ages.

    I would say the three piano concerti are a great introduction (the 3rd was commissioned by Askenazy) and symphonies 3 and 7. If you are attracted to these works, thankfully there are plenty more...

  • Yes the one I had heard was Symphony No VII Angel of Light and the Annunciations concerto.  Both extremely fascinating pieces. 

  • His choral works are also worth listening. A true master of his art, no doubt.

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