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  • VE6 Fonts and Images

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    I do not understand why Frontend UI software developers have to change the fonts and images from a previous version, especially when the preveious version was fine.

    My goodness. I truly have a hard time reading this.

    See the URL

    Images and Fonts

    At the Bottom of VE 6, I have no idea what some of the images are. VE 5 had color and detail. This looks like a blob. Boxy, and Bold is hard on my eyes.

  • Hi SonicSonar, 

    We hear you. 

    Design changes are always also a question of taste and preferences, of course. 

    We will collect all input over these first few days. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Whatever you do, please do not change the fonts back to the way the y use to look. I understand that it looked OK on older monitors, but VEPro 5 displaying on a high def monitor is painful to look at. Even with glasses, I still had to squint to read the text on screen. If anything, one possibility in the furture might be to have an option to select the size font you want to use (such as bigger or smaller as is in Kontakt). Just a thought. However, sionce most monitors today are moving toward higher resolutions, all new programs should account for this in one way or the other.