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  • Could we buy seperate parts of SE 3 & 4?

    Dear VSL,

    I would really like it if we could buy seperate collections of SE 3, for example just Solo Strings Con Sordino, or the Chamber Strings. As it is now (without any discounts) SE 3 is about the same price as a full muted library, so I really can't justify the price. If I could buy one or two for a good price I would.

    Also, it would be nice if we could buy the Choir from SE 4. Most of the other instruments I either don't need, or will be buying the full version of.

    This is just some customer feedback to let you know what options and pricing I would like you to offer.



  • I'm a user of VSL products and not a representative of the VSL company.

    I think the problem with what you want to do is the issueing of individual licenses for just specific aspects or features of a particular library.


    The single instrument downloads are about as specific as it gets.  

  • I think what mschmitt is thinking of are separate sections of SE 3 & 4 that could be purchased on their own, just like it's possible with SE 1 & 2. Makes sense to me.

  • I would also support that idea. :) Currently I'm really struggling with buying the Vol. 4 just for the choir...