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  • App Sequencer Scale Change Via Velocity Issue


    I've been trying to get the APP Sequencer to behave like it does in the APP Sequencer Overview video at approximately the 11:00 mark...!Video_Demos

    Despite following this procedure very carefully... I cannot seem to get the sequencer to shift between major and minor in this manner based on velocity.  It just gives me whatever quality is selected in the "Perform In" dropdown.  

    I'm 100% sure I've got the Velocity Switch turned on, and the velocity range and scale selection set correctly.  Even the Preset 01 VI-14 Preset VIPRO from the Orchestral Strings Collection refuses to switch quality based on velocity.  Anyone else have this issue?  Is this a bug of some sort?  I need to get on with the rest of my life!.....  Help!