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  • Big trouble with Sibelius 7,5

    Hey there, 

    I just bought Solo Strings I full library, and I did it for one purpose : writing music with Sibelius, get all the sounds I need directly commanded by chart writing, not having to program any sample sequence.

    But right now, is doesn't happen. All I can do is use pizz and trills, that's it. No articulation instruction would work, no portamento, vibrato/no vibrato, nothing amoung possibilities featured in the pdf manual. 

    I obviously imported Vienna Symphonic Library in Sibelius, I configured a Vienna Ensemble patch for Sibelius playback according to your instructions, and Vienna Ensemble is running, in which I loaded preset Sibelius solo strings extended. Obvioulsy no miising sample, they just don't play when they're asked to. 

    And it just doesn't work. It actually works 10% wich is a not work.

    Help!!! Tell me I'll fix it! How? 

    Thank you.  


  • Hello Fabian!

    It can have different reasons why articulation changes do not work as supposed. Did you check the "Troubleshooting" chapter of the "Optimizing Sibelius Playback" manual?

    For most such problems, you should be able to find a solution there.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Unfortunately this troubleshooting doesn't feature anything that helped. 

    Here's my current setting for test purpose :

    - Only one instrument in Sibelius 7.5 : solo violin
    - Only one midi channel open 
    - Vienna Symphonic Library loaded in Sibelius 
    - Vienna Ensemble AU configured in Sibelius Playback device (I tried with Vienna Ensemble VST with exact same result) 
    - Manual soundset VE strings, name of program Solo Violin assigned to the only midi channel on
    - Vienna Ensemble running with vienna instrument set with preset Sibelius -> Strings 3.2 -> Solo Strings -> SS I - extended


    Need more help thank you. 

    Might help to know I'm running an imac under OSX 10.8.5.      Sibelius is 7.5.0   Vienna Ensemble 5.4.13888

  • Hello Fabian!

    Please check the following things:

    - What kind of instrument did you add from the Sibelius "Add and remove Instruments" menu? Only "Solo Violin" will correctly with the "Solo Violin" will work correctly with the "Solo Violin" program on the Manual Sound Sets page. "Violin 1", "Violin 2", "Violin I" and "Violin II" are for ensemble strings. If you are unsure, please add another Solo Violin from the Sibelius "Add and remove Instruments" menu. Then cut the content from your old staff and paste it to the new one.

    - Did you make output or channel settings in the Sibelius mixer? Generally it is recommended to leave the output device and channel settings in the Sibelius mixer alone. Making settings there can mess up the playback. If you have already made settings there or are not sure, reset all outputs in the Sibelius mixer to (Auto).

    - Beware of the Click in the Sibelius mixer! If not muted, it can mess up an instrument. If you want to use the Click, reserve a percussion channel for it (on the Manual Sound Sets page and in Vienna Ensemble).


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • - The ansewer of your first question was aleready ansewered in the message you're replying to. The instrument I'm trying to make work is solo violin, nothing else, no violin 1 or 2, nothing else but solo violin, that's the instrument in Sibelius, and i'ts not working. 

    - I don't get it about Sibelius Mixer settings. What setting are you exactly talking about? Are you talking about "audio engine settings"? The interface I use is Core Audio, I have no option for changing "outpout" setting, and there is no (auto) setting option you mentionned featured anywhere. Please be more precise about this point. 

    - Click is off. Anyway, even if I put it on, it doesn't sound. But off or on, the soundset doens't work anyway.

    I'm not sure we'll fix it this way. No way to talk on the phone? This is serious deal for me, I dropped about a year of money saving on that, I need it working or money back. 

    Thank you for your best care. 

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    Hello Fabian!

    The mixer options I was talking about can only be seen in the extended view of the Sibelius mixer. If you don't know this option, you probably didn't use it and so it most likely was not the reason for your problem.

    I'm sorry to say that we don't offer telephone support, but I'm sure that we can work it out, if you send your Sibelius file and Playback Configuration (xml file and data folder) to

    On Mac Sibelius 7.5 Playback Configurations can be found in the follwoing folder.
    Users/your username/Library/Application Support/Avid/Sibelius 7.5/Playback Configurations
    The Users/your username/Library folder is hidden by default. To get
    access, go to the folder Users/your username. Then choose Go/Go to folder and enter “Library”.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hey there. 

    I'd love to provide the document you're requesting, but I can't find it. 

    When I go to Users/your username/Library/Application Support/Avid/Sibelius 7.5

    then there is no Playback Configurations forlder here. 

    However I DID configure a Vienna playbak configuration and saved ! 

    What does it mean? 

  • I have answered to your support ticket.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I have great news!!!

    The articulations all work now! The key? So simple! Using the keypad!!! (thank you so much my lil brother who suggested me to try it) When I enter the articulation using the keypad, it works! It DOES NOT work at all if I use articulation library in the notation onglet. 

    So I'm all set now! 

    You might want to know, for next issues people will let you know about, that they keypad from sibelius is way more reliable in sound programming, which I had just no idea about.

    Thank you for your care 

  • Hello Fabian!

    I'm glad that it works now. What do you mean with "articulation library in the notation onglet". If you are talking about technique text commands, they should work as well.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Yes, technique and expression text works! It's all good. 

    What I was saying is, is if I try to use a symbol picked from the notations -> symboles menus, then it does NOT work, while when you pick just the same symbols from keypad then it works fine. 

    Still I have some question about using the WHOLE possibilities. The handook "VE-optimizing-sibelius" is not totally complete about hox to use all sounds. 

    For instance, how to use the 

    • Zigane (gipsy)

    With a slide line symbol? (which is kind of weird because if you want the slide toward only one note, the line is so small you can't see it anymore) 

    And also 

    15 GRACE NOTES  
    • Grace notes, half and whole tone, slow and fast
    • "Zigane" style grace notes, minor 2nd to major3rd

    The symbole "accacciatura" from the keypas works, but it's random result, sometimes slided, sometimes not. And the "grace note" symbole from symbol menu doesn't do anything to it. 


    But you know your work is great, you just have no challenger. 
    I wish I could get the whole package.... Wow so much fun!!!  

    What you could make better right now, is jazz field. If your alto sax sounded as jazz as your clarinett sounds classical, and as accurate, it would be killing. also your upright bass is average, could be amazing. Your jazz drum set is excellent! But most all all, I'm looking forward next gen, when recording becomes less and less part of the process. Are you working on that guys? Catching algorythms in the sound you want, to create it just like you want. Just zeros and ones providing fine perfect full tone and timber of each instrument, not because sampled, but because written, in each style, even from each player, from each kind of wood and strings, and fingers, and bow and pick. When this time comes, I wish I'll be still alive, even if I cant affoard it ;-)

  • Hello Fabian!

    The "Optimzing Sibelius Playback" manual lists all articulations that are included in the VI presets for Sibelius. The articulations that are not included, can be triggered by adding them to custom cells, as described on page 12.

    Appoggiatura and acciaccatura are just smaller written notes that get played before the main note. They don't get any extra Sound ID and so get triggered with the same articulation as the main note unless you add extra notation marks or technique text.

    We are always thinking about the next steps, but only can make one after the other. ;-)


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you.

    1 - It seems to me, though, that the "glissando" line symbol plays the "gipsy" style perf interval, inspite of the fact that not listed in the manual. Right or wrong? 

    2 - Also, the fact that "The articulations that are not included, can be triggered by adding them to custom cells" isn't related to grace notes, is it? How do I use the grace notes sound ID, if not with "Appoggiatura and acciaccatura"? 

    3 - What is your next step then? Will you improve jazz related collection? Will you improve what you already do best?

  • 1.) The glissando articulations are not included in the Solo Strings VI presets for Sibelius. With a glissando line you trigger portamento. If you want to trigger glissando, please use a custom cell.

    2.) Sibelius will always treat a grace note and a main note as two notes. In our grace note articulations both notes are performed in one sample. So if you want to trigger the grace note articulations, you will have to do so by using a custom cell. In addition you will have to exclude the written grace note from playback. Otherwise you will hear two grace notes. Notes can be excluded from playback in the Inspector by unchecking "Play on Pass 1". In most cases a performed grace note with the legato articulation should work fine.

    3.) We are currently working on Dimension Strings II. The Violins are already released. Violas, Cellos and Basses are in the works. Currently there are no plans to release a jazz library in the nearer future.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you so much for all the tips. 

    Wish you the best guys, keep doing great work. 

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