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  • Legato articulations

    Hi. Can someone record few short examples with differences between perf. interval legato and marcato, perf interval fast legato and marcato and between perf repetitions legato fast and slow, staccato fast and slow? I of course listen to all vienna demos and YT videos but i don't hear direct comparison between these articulations without reverb or other processing.

  • What instruments are you interested in..?

    Is it the different between a perf legato and a perf legato fast you are interested in? When it comes to repetition legato fast and slow, that's the lenght of the played not. Same goes for staccato...

    Didn't try my self, but I guess you could try in depth with any instrument yourself with the new online player:

  • Hi. This online player has about 10 basics articulation like in Special Editions.

    I'm interested in one brass, may be one wood and streing instrument the best will be solo instruments will fast attack for example trumpet, oboe or bassoon and violin.

  • ah, guess I should have checked that before replying :D 

    I've made a simple phrase, repeated it in 3 tempos after each other. Then shifting articulation. The articulation is going: perf Legato, perf legato fast, perf marcato, perf marcato fast. 

    I've made it with Trumpet C, Oboe 1 (Viennese), Bassoon 1, Solo Violin. Since I took my template and just muted the different wet signals, they are all dry, but positioned and colored in the hall of MIR, so there's a bit of the spacies ness I guess. The phrase is played at velocity 90 and I've also removed all humanize features. Doesn't sound to pretty :P

    I suggest you cut the file up, so you can loop the fast phrase of in legato and legato fast agains each other. Tempo is 100, which might make it easier. To my ears the faster ones are a bit more slured in the sound. I usually jump around the different ones in a phrase, to get the result I like the most. 

    Let me know if it's helpful. 

  • Many thanks for this demo. Thats exactly what i looking for.

  • In my understanding (and also my perception) the perf_leg_fast patches only consist of individual transition samples which then are crossfaded into the regular perf_leg samples, thatswhy when played at slower tempos the fast legatos sometimes do not sound convincing, as the transition into the longer part of the sample is not very seamless. This is more audible in solo instruments.