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  • VEP 5 Causing glitches on the Visual Interface for Kontakt 5.2

    Hello everybody.

    I have an Issue, that I am 99% sure is related to Vienna Ensemble Pro 5

    When I open the Symphonic Series Brass ensemble or Solo, the interface is impossible to read. 

    However, If I open Kontakt on Standalone mode, SSBE doesn't have any issues  
    Neither when I open Kontak as a plugin on Cubase 8.5 , Logic X, Protools 12 or Protools 10. So this is what makes me feel is a VEP 5 issue

    Does anyone know how to solve this?


  • Are you opening VEP when it is connected to your sequencer? Or just opening it in the server interface? If the latter, the solution is simple. Don't....! Always connect to the sequencer first.


  • Yes sir. Thanks. That was the reason.  Not sure why, ( dont care really )  but I was in the process of building some templates for Classical music production, and I was working on the instances before connecting to the sequencer.   Thanks for your help.