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  • Slave - Master VEPro volume level difference issue

    Not sure if this is happening with me only. Same instruemnt (orc instrument) in kontakt with identical settings, loaded on VEP instance on a windows slave and another loaded on VEP running on master. Both these instances running on Logic track 1 and track 2. track 1 calling slave VEP instance and track 2 calling master's VEP instance.

    I find playing both, the volume level of slave is lower than the vol level of master's VEP instance. I checked properly and did not find any vol differences at VEP mixer, kontakt running on both instances and even logic's mixer.

    Is this normal since this will cause issues becasue of vol differences and its perception. Please help!! thanks

  • No this is not normal. There is something wrong in your set-up. Whilst there may be tiny differences in metering, it wouldn't account for anything measurable.

    So, you need to check carefully to see where exactly the difference in volume happens. Check carefully the aux back into Logic from the slave.

    Also, do you have any plugs, such as EQ or compression on one of the signal paths that could alter the volume?


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    @DG said:

    Check carefully the aux back into Logic from the slave.

    Also, do you have any plugs, such as EQ or compression on one of the signal paths that could alter the volume?


    No, i open a new logic session. Not template, but a new session. Make 2 instrument tracks. Load Vienna Ensemble Pro 64 Bit version on both the tracks. conect one instance to slave (windows) and another to master's (mac) VEP instance. Now load same library's same patch in kontakt on both the instances.

    Hit midi keyboard. hear signifianct loss of volume coming from slave track. This is weird. I can't even be sure if this used to happen earlier. I have been using VEP for over an year now, may be i noticed this today or something else is wrong. 

    Trying to figure out.. 

    Let me know if there are some troubleshooting steps recommended. Thanks.

    1. Set up a Kontakt instrument with just one constant note like a sine wave, with no fluctuations in volume.
    2. Load this patch both locally and on the slave.
    3. Route an identical MIDI note to both patches
    4. Check that the volume in Kontakt has the same output level
    5. Check that the volume in the VEP mixer is identical in both instances
    6. Check the levels returned to Logic are the same

    It should be just the last step where it all goes wrong. Is it?


  • The VEP's slave mixer shows lower volume level on triggering via midi keyboard with same stregth. The VEP slave mixer shows -11 DB on hitting same key with same pressure and -3 to -4 db on master VEP instance for same instrument played with same key pressure. 

    I will try what you said to go for constant tone and use same MIDI patch to trigger the sound and report. But my above test fails at midi trigger level. The keyboard is pressed with almost same velosity but VEP slave mixer's output is much lower i.e. -11 db as compared to master VEP going to -3 db.

    The issue does not lead to logic pro here. What are your thoughts?

  • one more test. I pressed the kontakt keyboard by mouse, - slave goes to -11 and master goes to -2.

    don't undertand whats going on.

  • test 3 - identical midi note copied on both tracks, played, atleast 10 db difference in VEP mixer levels of master and slave instances. 

    Kontakt instance directly opened in the DAW had almost identical sound to master's VEP track. Slave VEP much lower.

  • So, it sounds like a problem with Kontakt on your slave. Are you sure that the instruments are set to the same volume level with the little slider? Just trying to eliminate the obvious, because it is possible to set a different default level on both machines and not realise it.

    So next test. Do the same with something other than Kontakt. Are your results the same?


  • thanks. will do the test you recommended and respond.