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  • Routing from 64-32 bit VEPro

    Greetings Folks,

    I'm curious if it's possible to route the audio output of VE Pro 64-bit to an aux track in Pro Tools 11 carrying VE Pro 32-bit.

    More information:

    I'm running PT 11 in Windows 8. I have several instances of VE Pro 64-bit running various instruments beautifully. However, my reverb unit, Altiverb 6, is not 64-bit, therefore I cannot run it in VE Pro 64-bit. Since I can run Altiverb 6 in VE Pro 32-bit, I set up an instance on an aux track to run Altiverb inside of a 32-bit instance of VI Pro. However, when I bus my 64 bit instance to this 32 bit instance, no audio will send. There is no indication of audio being received in the 32-bit instance either, as the audio meter in PT shows blank. Now when I remove that 32-bit instance of VE Pro, the audio does bus to the now empty PT aux track. Once an instance of VE Pro goes in, no audio will bus.

    Is this just a limitation of VE Pro? Or do I need to handle this differently?

    Thank you kindly,