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  • My Vangelis like setup using Vienna - 6 keyboards 6 Korg NK and 12 Pedals

    Thought i woudl share this. its been an intresting project to be working on. Thought I would share a slightly differnt use of Vienna Ens. Pro.


    Inspiration strikes in the most interesting ways...

    I have always liked composing live rather then multi-track. I found I would just lose the flow of things. So I created a setup of faders and mutes on my MPK-88 keyboard. Sadly this keyboard only could be split into 2 zones.... but its what I had. Fast forward a year or so.. and browsing on-line I saw this video:

    I realized.... that is what I needed... or something like it. I also realized that my simple faders and mute setup were a pain to always reach out with hands.. could be done with feet. As I pondered and tried to reverse engineer this setup.. I contacted CME and found out that their latest keyboard had pedal extensions and midi out and the nice "Poly Aftertouch" too!
    Very cool.. it meant if I bought a bunch of them... I could treat them like separate midi zones if I locked them each to a diff
    erent midi channel. This has now evolved to a version 2 then 3 .. where I’m now working on integrating loopers and breath control swapping on the fly.

    I'm sure his setup cost him a lot of money back in the 90s!!!

    I am now taking this video trying to reverse engineering a similar setup done my own way using 6 midi keyboards, 7 midi controllers with 12 pedals and a drum pad controller. and all of this i use live!

    Funny story: I was working with CME on their forums to try and work out some of the complex routing I knew I needed to do. Luckily they have the new xKey 37 with the “Xport” on it for pedals. I can avoid all the midi headaches by attaching all 12 to each of the keyboards directly.

    Funny Story:

    The keyboard manufacturer thought i was designing it for him and almost had the CTO on the phone... I saw that post in my email at 5am. and had to tell them NOOO I'm not working for him.. just trying to come up with a great solution...

    It is very complicated..  but i think i managed to come up with something unique of my own!

    See the attachment to this post for a bit more information on how im doing this.