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  • VSL Finale Contrabass Clarinet and Piccolo. HP setup and logic


    Here is some info I have found.  Mabye someone can tell me a better way.

    Here are the instruments.  Piccolo, flute, alto flue, bass flute, oboe, e.h., clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, bassoon, contrabasson.  I went and created HP pref for each instrument that I could.  (contrabass clarinet was not an option in the instrument list).

    Does anyone know the logic how finale choose which HP to select?  I read there is logic but exactly what and the details are missing.

    For example.

    Piccolo will not be picked up if you specially select piccolo as the instrument.  My workaround was to create HP for "Woodwinds".  Piccolo will use that.

    Bass Clarinet will be picked up if you specify it under the instrument list.  The problem is the Contrabass Clarinet.  Somehow it looks for info under "Bass Clarinet".  And this will not work as the Keyswitchs are on opposite sides of the keyboard.  Solution was not to create a "Bass Clarinet", just like Piccolo.  Bass Clarinet will be picked up under "Woodwinds".   As for Contrabass Clarinet you will need to create a spearate HP pref and filter on "If staff name is" and enter "contrabass-clarinet".

    Is there a better solution for Contrabass clarinet?

    Does anyone know why Piccolo does not work?


  • Hello SonicSonar!

    If you want to create your own Human Playback Preferences, I recommend listing distinct instruments (like Bass Clarinet) before instrument groups (like Winds). This way you can define different commands for instruments and  the group of instruments they belong to. For further details I guess you will have to contact the Finale team.

    In general I recommend using our keyswitch dump file for Finale in order to change articulations with our instrument collections. There are many articulations that can't be triggered with the Human Playback system.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi andi.

    I understand this is not a VSL issue.  I just wanted to know how people got around it. I have the Keywsitch dump.

    But let face it.  Easier to put staccato mark on a note than it is to use Keywsitch Dump Hex code twice.  Easier to read too.

    Can't post images here?  Here is the same question

    For the Contrabass Clarinet this is what I used 

     <technique name="Fluttertongue" enabled="true" instrument-type="woodwinds" technique-type="fluttertongue"><actions>

    <action action1="keyswitch" value1="90" value2="0" />

    <action action2="controller" value1="1" value2="0" />

    <action action3="skip" value1="0" /> </actions>

    <filter filter-type="staff-name" content="contrabass-clarinet" /> </technique>


    Instead of filtering on "Vienna Ensemble", I filter on the instrument "contrabass-clarinet", which seems to be the best option.  This assumes I won't have any other library involved, and there is no clashes.  



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