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  • Keyswitches in Digital Performer

    I'm confused about the correct octave for keyswitches in Digital Performer. If I want to use a keyswitch of E1 to have a flute play with the performance legato articulation then I simply put insert an E1 keyswitch. Easy. No problem.

    However, I have been scrutinizing Jay Bacal's wonderful mockup of the Borodin String Quartet and as far as I can see the keyswitch indicated in VIPro is in a different octave than what I see in the MIDI edit window in Digital Performer. In otherwords, he has the cello switch to an articulation using E1, but in Digital Performer the keyswitch is showing as E0.

    As if life wasn't confusing enough...

  • There are two possibilities:

    1. Jay is using a custom matrix with his own brand of keyswitches
    2. You are not using C4 as Middle C in DP


  • I haven't changed any preferences in DP8 and assume that C4 and middle C are the same thing. They seem to be. So how does one make a custom matrix? The curious thing is that his files play back perfectly in DP8. Its just that when you look at the MIDI window his keyswitches appear to be an octave below what work perfectly in a file of my own.


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    @daerp said:

    I haven't changed any preferences in DP8 and assume that C4 and middle C are the same thing.

    As my engineer used to say, "assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups". Before we take this any further, do check that Middle C in DP is C4. In both Cubase and Logic it is C3, whereas in Vienna Instruments it is C4.


  • You are quite right. Middle C is C3 in Digital Performer. Yes, I shouldn't assume anything! That explains the MIDI file I was looking at. The keyswitches were an octave lower than expected.

    Having said that I'm still confused about this. Is there a reason that VSL uses C4 as middle C?

  • Yes, because that's what it is in Scientific Pitch Notation.


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