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  • Is it possible to have all articulations dormant in an instance until needed?

    I wanted to set up DP 9.02 with all articulations running Play EWQLHO in VEP5 (Slave/VEP5 Server on a Mac 2x4 core OS 10.11.3) set up with all articulations, but, only certain of them loaded all of the time and most of them only activated when required.

    In VEP5, I have one instance set up to address 8 threads/cores. I have around 90 Plugin Channels with some instruments split into several channels. 
    1. I've tried decoupling (I haven't quite figured out what that does and didn't think that would do it, but, the VEP5 manual doesn't really explain what things do very well).
    2. I've tried starting and stopping the audio engine.
    3. I've tried disabling the individual channels. 
    4. I've tried disabling all cells - I think this just works on Vienna Instruments Pro.
    5. I have preferences set to:
    a. Open instances minimized on load
    b. Incoming project data behavior set to Ask
    c. Load all cells in disabled state - this seems obvious to be a VIP only option
    All of this does take all of the weight off of the CPU, but, doesn't help with RAM allocation. 
    Every time I load my instance, it loads all of the articulations.
    If I hit Abort during the load, I can get to no articulations loaded, but, then, can't seem to load them without going into each channel and choosing them in the Play browser.
    Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do or am I really only able to create smaller instances with the RAM as my limiting factor for any articulations in use and and for articulations that I hoped would be dormant until needed?
    Thank you for any guidance you can give me.

  • I'm afraid that you've run into a limitation of the PLAY software. With VSL and Kontakt you can indeed load your instances without loading all the samples. I would suggest that you make a feature request to EW about this.


  • Thank you, DG! I will. is it possible to load and unload instances without restarting VEP5? Like can I have one instance open of "Strings lite" and another open of "Brass lite" and then close "Strings lite" and open "Strings full"? Does that work and unload the RAM or does that require closing VEP5 and opening again? I realize now that I've typed this out, that I can test this one later, but, I'll still post this in case there's something you immediately see that I'm overlooking. Thanks again.

  • So, that doesn't seem to work either. Or, at least, not the way I wanted it to. So, it seems at this point of time, I can use other samplers and synths and turn them on and off, OR, I can use Play. If I want to use Play, can only use up to my RAM limit.

    Do I have that correct?


    If Play worked correctly, would I be able to have all of my samplers and synths in one instance and turn off and on the channels I wanted?

  • Basically, yes. However, it's not that PLAY isn't working properly, it's that it is a much more basic sample player than either Vienna Instruments or Kontakt, and so doesn't have the more advanced features.


  • Thank you again, DG! Everything else seems to be working fine and this information will greatly help my template strategy. I am very appreciative! Take care! Joe

  • I don't know how useful it would be to you, but maybe you could try using channel presets in VE Pro?  You could summon any articulation you need in an instant and have VE Pro load it ready to go for you.

  • Thanks, cgernaey,

    I'm not sure I understand how to use that, but, there doesn't seem like a way to get Play to unload the RAM while the instance/project is still loaded. I haven't tested any non-Play instruments yet, but, based on what I'm reading, clicking the Enable/Disable button on those makes the samples inactive and releases the RAM. 

    Please describe how to use the channel presets to do that .