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  • Accountability

    I'd like to broach an issue regarding a behavioral trend slowly emerging from the bigger sampling/sampler companies. 

    There seems to be this culture of support teams skirting responsibility of some technical issues by passing the buck to the other guy. If you call EastWest, they say it's Logic. If you call NI, they say it's VEP. And so on. I've never really had the experience of any support team truly having the knowledge or inclination to resolve an issue beyond "try reinstalling it" or "have you deleted your prefs". 

    As complicated as the modern professional DAW and its software peripherals have become, I believe it's incumbent upon these companies to acknowledge some awareness of each other to better facilitate troubleshooting problems. I'm spending more of my time each year tech-shooting issues instead of making music which cancels out any progress made by more sophisticated technology. 

    I know with greater specialization I should expect a proportionate amount of complexity, but not in the absence of a support system incentivized to solve complex problems. 

    Am I off the mark here?

  • We try hard to provide the best possible support at VSL.

    *Every* crash report that gets sent to VSL gets examined by a developer, and we try to do this in under 24h.  If we can clearly see a fault in an offending plugin (which is the case with 99% of VEPro crash reports sent to us), we ask the user to contact the manufacturer of the offending plugin. This happens quite a lot, so I hope you can understand that we cannot handle these contacts ourselves, just as Microsoft doesn't handle cases of applications crashing in their operating system.

    In case we are not sure whether there is an issue with our software or with a hosted plugin, we usually try to arrange an NFR exchange with the plugin developer, so we can examine the situation.

    May I ask if you could point me to any support tickets where you feel that an adequate solution has not been provided?


  • II Slow Disk Dropouts In Vienna Ensemble Pro 5/244580

  • Official support is obtained by emailing



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