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  • Hi Talino, 

    I checked with our developers, the Gestalt message comes from OSX,  it should not cause any issues beyond the message.


    The issue you´re having with project loading is a different one - it would require reproduction. Please send your files as zip files to, we´ll take a look asap. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul. I'm waiting to be able to reproduce this myself before I send you the project, since it seems to be totally random for the time being. The only thing that's consistent is that when it happens, closing the project and reopening it immediately (without restarting Cubase) always fixes the problem. Maybe this happens on the first launch of MIR from within Cubase, but I'm not sure.

    If MIR keeps log files of what launched it and what it sent to it from the plugin perhaps I could have a look. As it is, when it happens I never see anything, I only see and empty venue.

    EDIT: P.S. This is only hapenning since my fresh install of El Capitan, never had this under Yosemite and have been using MIR for a long time before.

  • I am seeing the exact same issue with ProTools HD 12.4 on Mac (OS 10.9.5).

    Yesterday after installing the Mir update, my first session load in ProTools loaded Mir, but with an empty venue and no instruments loaded.   I had to restart ProTools and forceibly shutdown Mir and second time it loaded correctly.

    This morning I'm seeing the exact same problem - first load of my template in ProTools and Mir appears but the venue is empty and no instruments are showing.  I'm currently trying again to see if it loads second time.  This will become an issue if it happens all the time.

    Let me know what information I can provide to help resolve.


    EDIT: Again, it loaded correctly on the second attempt.

    PS. This has only started happening since I updated Mir and VE Pro to latest builds yesterday.

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    @Trailerman said:

    This has only started happening since I updated Mir and VE Pro to latest builds yesterday.

    Yes, as I mentioned in my original post, this has happened since the MIR update, my fresh El Capitan install *and* the Cubase 8.0.35 updates, so I wasn't sure which was the culprit. Apparently you're using neither El Capitan nor Cubase so that rules out these two 😊

  • It's definitely Mir related.  Nothing else has changed on my system.

    Seeing the exact same issue today: first load of ProTools session, Mir loads but does not load a venue or any instruments.  Shut down ProTools, Force Quit Mir, reload ProTools and load session, and second time everything loads correctly.

  • Happened a few times more since yesterday, especially after fresh system restart. It happens not only when I load a Cubase template, but also when I open a work-in-progress project. For some reason the plugins don't send the proper info to MIR the first time. Closing and reopening the Cubase project always sorts this out.

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    Hi Talino,

    in case you didn't do so already, please take a look into this:

    @Dietz said:

    [....] please check if you see "Incoming Data" indicated in MIR Pro's Main Window when loading a project (i.e. the yellow arrow icon flashing at the top of MIR Pro's Main Window). 

    ... this would make clear whether MIR Pro is actually receiving (new) data from your host or not.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz. Well, you've asked me this before and I didn't answer because I've looked everywhere for a yellow arrow in the main MIR window and couldn't find one... Most of the time I just get a white rotating "loading" icon at the upper left (the standard OSX "wait" icon), while the left side of the interface gets progressively populated with all the instruments.

    When the issue I have is happening, I don't get anything. Just a blank MIR window showing "Select a venue".

  • So you don't see this:


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Ah, definitely not. I just checked by switching as fast as possible to MIR (which loaded correctly). I've got the five static icons but not the yellow arrow. I don't even have the gray arrow, the last icon I have is "MIRx Mode". Probably a Mac thing, we don't like arrows as much as you Windows people :)

  • This icon should be visible whenever an existing instance of MIR Pro receives new "Engine Project" data (even on a Mac ;-) ...).  

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I trust you when you say that it *should* be visible. I don't think I ever noticed it, even before the last update, so I don't know if it *was* there before, but it certainly *isn't* there now...

  • I can confirm this has been happening regularly after every system restart (in the morning), probably also after a Cubase restart later. Further loading of projects while Cubase is running is working as expected.

    1. Same problem here with Cubase 8.5.10 on late 2013 Mac Pro, OS 10.11.3, and latest VEP and MIR Pro. This morning, needed to start Cubase 5 times until the MIR Pro plugin and Cubase finally loaded properly. The Yellow arrow never shows up, whether the project data is loaded or not. Problem did not occur with previous VEP/MIR versions.

  • Hi, 

    Sorry for the delay.

    Checked on El Capitan, with different sequencers, everything working as expected.

    All of you are working with MIR PRO in VE PRO, is that correct?

    Could you send a song that shows this behaviour as a zip file to I´ll take another look. Please include the used software versions (DAW, VE PRO, VI PRO, MIR PRO). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    I'm running MIR Pro as a plugin directly in Cubase, not in VE Pro. Isn't that how you run MIR as a plugin? Will try to send file.

    @Paul said:


    Sorry for the delay.

    Checked on El Capitan, with different sequencers, everything working as expected.

    All of you are working with MIR PRO in VE PRO, is that correct?

    Could you send a song that shows this behaviour as a zip file to I´ll take another look. Please include the used software versions (DAW, VE PRO, VI PRO, MIR PRO). 


  • You can run MIR from within VEP or as a plugin in Cubase. Like I wrote in my original post, I'm using it in Cubase, too, not in VEP. 

    I'll try sending a Cubase project later this evening.

    EDIT: Just sent my Cubase template to the support mail address.

  • Seems the issue is more complex. I've been having a huge downtime after making my Mac Pro a VEP slave and switching for a iMac 27 for Cubase. I've posted about this in the Cubase forums but from the tests this morning this really seems related to MIR and the plugin loading issue. Please bear with me because this is a bit long, I've done thorough testing.

    Mac Pro running VEP (latest), using my regular template. iMac running Cubase (8.0.35), also using my regular template only this time connecting remotely. MIR is loaded in Cubase, as inserts on channels coming back from VEP.

    It seems that Cubase & MIR, together, are somehow trashing my RME Fireface UC driver. This has *never* happened on the Mac Pro but I've narrowed it down to MIR, it seems. The following is repeatable my system. RME Fireface is set as output both in System Prefrences and in Cubase.

    1. Restart
    2. Play AIFF file with Quicklook : OK
    3. Lauch Cubase
    4. Open Cubase template
    5. MIR launches but doesn't load plugin info (as described above by three users)
    6. Cubase meters moving but no sound (no meter movement on TotalMix)
    7. Quit Cubase
    8. Quit MIR (MIR doesn’t quit automatically in this case)
    9. Power cycle RME Fireface UC (off/on or USB unplug/replug, same result)
    10. Play AIFF file with Quicklook : OK
    11. Lauch Cubase
    12. Open template (MIR is now loading plugin info)
    13. Cubase meters moving but no sound
    14. Remove all MIR inserts from Cubase
    15. Save Cubase project as “No MIR"
    16. Quit Cubase
    17. MIR quits automatically
    18. Play AIFF file with Quicklook : No sound
    19. Power cycle RME Fireface UC
    20. Play AIFF file with Quicklook : OK
    21. Load Cubase project “No MIR"
    22. Everything is now normal

    At least I've discovered I can get some work done by quitting & power cycling the interface but this is very, very annoying. The template I'm using has been sent to VSL Support on February 23rd (attachment is called VEP v12

    *Please* help. Thanks.

  • More doubts being lifted following this simple test:

    1. Make a copy of the Cubase template with all MIR inserts removed.
    2. Restart.
    3. Launch Cubase and load the non-MIR template.
    4. No problems.

    I hope this helps you track down the problem.


    EDIT : Most definitely confirmed by trying the following (twice):

    1. Continue from the above steps. Add a single MIR insert into one of the channels from which all MIR inserts were previously removed (step 1 above).
    2. MIR loads. Set position, rotation etc.
    3. Save the Cubase project.
    4. Quit Cubase.
    5. Restart.
    6. Launch Cubase and open the project saved in 3.
    7. MIR loads in an empty state.
    8. No sound.

    In case it's still unclear, when I say "no sound" in 8 it doesn't mean "no sound from MIR", it means "no sound from Cubase", even when playing Zebra...

    So it seems to me that, in addition to the problem mentioned in the original post, on the iMac 27 MIR is actually disabling audio output altogether on my audio interface, when launched for the first time.

  • Thanks for your report - VSL Support is already testing, although to no avail until now, as far as I can tell. Thanks for your patience!

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library