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  • Cubase (and I) can't seem to find the Vienna Vst

    Just installed Vienna Instruments 5.   Within VEP I'm able to load up the instruments just fine, however, if I want to load an instrument into cubase the sequencer doesn't seem to see the plugin at all.  

    I've looked in all the basic places

    c:/program files/common files/vst3,

    c:/program files/common files/steinberg/vst 3 (and 2)),

    c:/program files/vstplugins, and c:/program files/steinberg/vstplugins....


    (I've also looked in the x86 folders as well)

    Where would I find the VST plugin...




  • Hi F, 

    Cubase can be a bit tricky with plug-in management sometimes, a re-installation and re-scan of the plug-ins should help. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Firstly do a C drive search for the .dll file and then you will know where it is.

    Secondly make sure that the plugin path is set correctly in Cuabse. Devices/Plug-in Information