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  • vepro 5 plugins

    what reverb plugins are included with the VEPRO 5 software?

  • AFAIK the only software that is included is the basic version of Vienna Instruments, and the Epic Orchestra samples. There may well be a demo of MIR Pro as well, but obviously that is time limited, so you'd have to purchase it if you wanted to use it long term.


  • I'm attempting to add reverb into a bus and when I click at the top of the bus there are no plugins displayed.


    I'm particularly looking for "revolver reverb".  You are telling me that VEPRO 5 is delivered with no reverb plugins?


    In that case, I'll need to order whatever effects software I want to use.




    Jim  Ferguson    

  • Hi Jim, 

    That´s correct, VE PRO comes without any plug-ins. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul,

    So if I purchase the plugins from other vendors, how do I get the VEPRO 5 to scan and apply them?


    Jim f

  • Once they have been installed, go to the prefs of VEP, set the correct VST path for your plugs (the folder you installed the .dll into), and VEP will find them.