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  • Hardware requirements for lighter use

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a jazz and classical composer, but new to the fantastic world of virtual instruments. I'm really impressed by the VSL sounds, but the hardware requirements scare me a little bit.

    I'm mainly writing jazz, with live (acoustically recorded) rhythm sections and would probably use some of the Special Editions. I would probably not use full orchestra at any time. Is an internal SSD still really imperative? Would an external SSD do for lighter use? Even a USB 3.0 7200 rpm?

    I have a Mac Mini i7 Quad-Core with 16 GB ram and realize that the internal 5400 rpm is too slow for this use, but what are my alternatives to buying a brand new Mac Pro for thousands of dollars/euros maxed out with ram and SSD's?

    Please enlighten me on this. I realize that most people working in this kind of environment have massive systems. I'd just like to figure out whether anything less is plausible.

    Thanks in advance,


  • You don't need SSD. I worked for years with normal 7200 drives. There are just things you will need to know:

    1. SSD means you can have less memory in the computer
    2. SSD means faster loading times
    3. SSD means that you can stream more voices per drive.

    If none of this matters to you, you'll be fine with 7200.


  • Thank you. I guess it's all relative in terms of memory. I have 16 GB, and I see in the signatures that many have 48 or 64 GB. I'd love to run VSL Special Edition on a USB 3.0 7200 rpm drive, but will it work with "only" 16 GB of ram for, say, strings and a few woodwinds? I have an outboard Lexicon reverb so if dry samples take less memory and drive exhaustion, that's only for the better. Thanks again for your help and for making me understand the mechanics of this. Mika

  • Yes, that will be fine. The basic Special Edition, even without SSD, only takes around 4GB.


  • Thank you for your insights. That's great news.