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  • Help diagnosing VE Pro CPU problem

    Hello there,


    I am currently setting up VE Pro for the first time on a single computer.  I have read in several places online that building a template using a different VE Pro instance for each instrument is a good way to go.  


    However, having so far only created instances for my woodwind instruments, I am already encountering problems with my CPU level being very high, even when the system is idling.


    As soon as I disconnect from a sequencer, the CPU level drops to almost 0% with the instruments still loaded into RAM.  So it seems to be a problem with the connection to the my DAW.  I have tried with Logic and Cubase and the problem is present with both.


    I tried another experiment and simply created 12 VE Pro instances which I left empty of any instruments, and still the CPU level was hovering around 40%. 


    What could be causing this?  I have Googled around, and several people seem to have had similar issues, but I can’t find a definitive answer as to what causes this.


    Hopefully there is somethine else simple that I'm missing that will result in an easy fix.



    Thanks for any help!







    Computer specs:


    Apple Mac Pro 5.1 (Mid-2010)

    2 x 2.4 Ghz Quad Core Processors

    64 GB RAM


    I am using a crappy Edirol UA-25 audio interface at the moment, which is also the input for my MIDI keyboard.  Could this be the problem?