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  • Using an older Mac Pro on Snow Leopard as a slave

    I'm currently running VEPro 5 on my master Mac Pro (Yosemite OS 10.10.2) inside Digital Performer.  I'm running VE Pro 5.4.13741 with a slave Macbook Pro  and a slave PC.   I'd like to add another slave machine using an older Mac Pro 1.1 (my previous programming computer which has been just sitting idle) .  This machine will not go beyond Snow Leopard (10.6.8)    2 Questions:  1.  How do I activate a new Vienna Ensemble Key (this will be my 4th one)  It is plugged in to the Mac Pro 1.1 and I  see it being recognized by the eLicenser  but don't know how to get the Activation Code.  2.  Will this work with 2 different operating systems on the master and slave machines.   Will the latest version of VE Pro 5 work on both machines?   Will the latest version of VE Pro work on Snow Leopard or am I sunk trying to incorporate the older Mac Pro as a slave in my system? 

    Thanks for your help.


  • I can't answer all your questions, but if you are already using VEP on 3 computers you have no more licences left. You will have to buy some more. Contact for more details.

    VEP doesn't are whether or not OS are different. It only care that the versions of VEP are the same.


  • Thanks DG.   I purchased VEPro 5 and a 4th Vienna Key a long time ago.  I have only been using 3 of the keys (and 3 licenses)  --- didn't realize I needed an additional license for the 4th machine and I should not have assumed I had a 4th license just because I had a brand new 4th Key still unwrapped in the box..  Thanks for clairfying.   


  • No problem. I think that you had better contact about your Snow Leopard question, because certainly the minimum requirements stated for VEP are OSX10.8