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  • Vienna Sequencer


    I have been using VSL products for more than five years now. Some working sessions last for weeks, months, countless hours. Be it VEP, VIP or MIR, this has consistently been the only piece of software that never, ever crashed on me, not one single time, going through CPU overloads and general mayhem without the slightest instability. This is an incredible achievement.

    This has probably been asked before, but I find myself having daydreams about what a Vienna Sequencer would look like, something that just works, with the features, workflow and attention to detail that composers crave for, and feedback that users can rely on.

    Pretty please.

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    I think the biggest obstacle to overcome regarding a Vienna sequencer is how to integrate it with notation.  So far, nobody has been able to create a notation/DAW sequencer that satisfies every composer's needs and/or workflow.

    Personally, I rarely ever need written scores anymore which is why I would prefer a DAW based sequencer. However, others would disagree and insist upon a notation based sequencer.

    Oh! And what about people who do film scoring and would want something where you could sync music to visuals.

    The Vienna Sequencer is easier said than done but not necessarily an insurmountable task.  I mean we are talking about VSL here😝   It's just just that trying to meet everybody's needs would be arduous to say the least.

  • Thanks for chiming in, I thought nobody was interested...

    I agree with you on the fact that catering to everyone's needs would be impossible, even for VSL. But that's not necessary. I believe many composers would be willing to adapt to a different way of working if the software is as rock solid and dependable as the rest of VSL's stuff is. They only need to get the basics right.

    Of course, there would have to be some agreement on what those basics are :) I also thought that notation would be an issue. I only ever use notation features on Cubase when I need to print a sheet for other people to play, so for me it's a rare necessity. I also believe that people who rely on notation for composition and need all the features are probably using another application already, alongside their sequencer, such as Sibelius or Finale. Personally, if I had to work with a non-notation sequencer, I would end up buying a notation app with a limited feature set only for printing. It wouldn't bother me, as long as I know that the sequencer with which I spend most of my time is a pleasure to use and doesn't crash.

    As to syncing music to visuals, I do this all the time. But Cubase's video implementation is so buggy that I ended up switching to an external program with MTC sync (Horae, in my case, or Video Slave which is a lot more expensive). Same idea again: split the tasks, don't ask one application to do everything. Just look how nicely VIP, VEP & MIR play together, whether used as a plugin or not. It's very flexible.

    If anyone at VSL is interested I'd gladly dress up a personally daydreamed, preliminary feature list...

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    Hi Talino, 

    Our take on this is that highly talented people have created great DAWs, which give you a lot of alternatives to choose from. Constant updates will improve the performance of each product, and we believe we´re all best off if we focus on what we do best 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul for the feedback. I'll go on daydreaming then, although I do remember when your company, already established as a dedicated sample library designer, suddenly branched into esoteric endeavours such as Ethernet-enabled plugin hosts and multi-impulse convolution reverbs. I still believe anything can happen :)