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  • Gigabit advice for a newbie please


    I have now purchased the following: Vienna Instruments Pro, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Vienna MIR Pro 24 plus roompack 1 and Special Edition Volume 1. I have a master computer with two SSD's and a slave with one SSD. All software is installed on the slave  and ensemble pro is also installed on the master. There is a working gigabit connection between the two but I don't know how to incorporate Ensemble Pro on the master into the set up or how best to use the resources Could you point me in the right direction please.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Roger,

    Did you check the Quick Start section in the VE PRO 5 manual?

    In short words:

    - Start the VE PRO SERVER (32/64 bit) on your Slave computer.

    - Insert VE PRO as a plug-in in your sequencer

    - click "CONNECT", you should see the IP address of your slave computer and a VE PRO instance will open your slave computer.

    These VIDEO TUTORIALS should also help.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL