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  • From Mac Pro 2009 to iMac 27 5K

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    I've been using Cubase & VEP on a Mac Pro 2009 for three or four years now, no problems. But projects, ambitions and CPU usage grows with time. I need a newer Mac (please, no vs PC debate Hell...) and since the new Mac Pro no longer has the advantages of internal storage or PCI expansion I've decided to go for the top of the range iMac 27 5K.

    I intend to keep the Mac Pro to stream to the iMac via VEP the VSL samples on its internal SSD. However, I have some less-used VSL libraries that I was keeping on an internal Caviar Black that I'll need to put on an external drive.

    For budget reasons I can neither afford an external Thunderbolt SSD nor the OWC Thunderbay 4 for the 3.5 drives. I'd like to know whether plain USB3 drives such as this one or that one are good enough for simultaneous playback of complex sample libraries. Never used USB3 before. Can those drives (non-RAID) even keep up with USB3 transfer speed and access time?