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  • VSL Ensemble Pro 5 and Demo

    Hello VSL team,

    Having not received a response from the various e-mails Ive sent to the VSL team in Austria, I thought I'd have a go here!!

    I have come across Vienna Ensemble Pro today as a tool to support the multi-node setup and configuration for my network based composer studio to support my growing sample library (on 2 Macs) and Logic Pro X on a master server Mac. 
    However, I have no experience of working with Vienna’s tools and software.  

    Before I go ahead and purchase Ensemble Pro 5, I would like to understand:
    1)Will Ensemble Pro 5 work with Mac OS El-Capitan ?
    2)How many Ensemble Pro 5 licenses do I need to purchase to run on 2 slaves and one master (all Mac Mini’s running El-Capitan) ?
    3)Does Ensemble Pro 5 work with NI Kontakt 5, ProTools Lite, and EW Player v4.3.2, Spitfire Albion ?
    4)Is there a ‘try before you buy’ version of Ensemble Pro 5 that I can install on all 3 Macs for a few days, that I can play around with and decide if the investment is really worthwhile for my requirements ?

    I very much look forward to your response.

    With kind regards and wishing everyone at VSL and on the forum a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

  • Basically the answer is yes, and you definitely should try the demo. Email to get a trial licence.