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  • Portamento, B****

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    Hi All

    Finally got some monitors. Hopefully it's improved my music somewhat.

    This is a piece of music that's intended to be part of a soundtrack in an action-adventure cartoon for kids and teenagers: .

    I'm rather curious about reverb as that's been a criticism of my stuff before. Is the reverb in this piece OK? If not, what improvements could I make?

    I'm happy to hear criticisms on everything in this piece (except the title because it's incredible 😊).

    Best Wishes


  • THis sounds rather spooky to me... The reverb is OK, but might be a little bit more (more spacial).


  • Thanks Max! Spooky's good (I should have said that while this music is intended for an action-adventure cartoon it's intended for a part of the cartoon that's suspenseful and spooky).

    Interesting that you think I should add more reverb. I've been trying so hard recently to reduce the amount of reverb I use.

  • It is very subjective. I've been told to add reverb when I felt it was already a little heavy on a particular piece. It all depends on personal tastes/esthetics/musical character, etc. I also believe much like with design choices for our living space, for example, things change with time. What sounds like great reverb today, may sound overly muddy five years from now, especially as musical trends tend to push most sound design in a specific direction at a particular time. Think about how heavy reverb was on commercial dance/rock music in the 80s. Good luck with your continued musical exploration! You're doing fine work. Dave

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    Thanks Acclarion! I find what you've said about reverb interesting. As I've only just started using monitors rather than just headphones (I should've gotten monitors a looooong time ago) I'm having to re-assess the amount of reverb I use. I'm finding it hard to judge some pieces as I've heard some of them so many times already but only through headphones. Also I wonder if I'll change the reverb again later if I ever got better monitors (the ones I have now are cheap £100 ones).

    Will keep going. Practice makes perfect (or at least reasonable 😊).

  • Hi,

    With a little more, I meant more 'room', definitely not more reverb tail/duration/intensity. There's a difference between the reflected sounds and the size of the room (although they go together). A bigger room makes your music 'bigger', opener, broader... Check your venues for that purpose. Even in a large environment, the reverb duration, strength and tail can be limited. Listen to a lot of chamber music recordings. They can be reorded at close distance and have a rather reduced reverb, but still sound wide and open (airy).


  • Interesting. Will have to learn more about the reverb in rooms. Thanks!

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