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  • Software Reinstall From Time Machine Possible?

    I may have to do a firmware update on my main hard drive that could possibly wipe everything off of it. I have absolutely everything backed up though. However, I don't currently have access to the installation CD's on a few of my sample libraries such as omnisphere and stylus rmx. If I did a complete restore with time machine, would this allow me to have all of the software, sample libraries, and plugins ready to go without me having to reinstall all of them? 

    I had to do a manual reinstall of them once already a few months ago, and it took forever, so I would love it if simply using the restore function on time machine could help avoid the pain of doing all of this all over again.

  • I have not done a Time Machine restore since I added my VSL install, but I did do a restore with my Notion 5 and Garritan libraries without any issue. From my understanding Time Machine is a complete snapshot of your hard drive. If you have a backup with the VSL in theory it should work.

    Best Regards,