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  • [SOLVED] VEPRO 5 constantly at 99,9% cpu pops and clicks

    Hi, I'm on cubase 8.5, vepro5 and windows 10. I've loaded a template with 20 gb(mostly east west play) and get constant pops and click. I guess this is because the cpu% meter in vepro maxes out at 99,9% even when idle. The asio meter in cubase is just fine. I've looked at the cpu% in the process manager and this one is at 27% (see attachment). Affinity setting is all processors. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? Thanks! Anne


  • Solved it, was the multiprocessor setting. When upgrading to windows 10 this setting apperently was changed (it was empty) so I guess it defaulted to one cpu core per instance. Pretty simple after all.