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  • Loading Plugins and Effects through Networked VEP

    Is it possible to run reverb plugins through a network setup with VEP? My reverb and EQ plugins are showing up in the Effects panel in the preferences VST window, but I cannot add them to a project or metaframe.

  • Make sure that you aren't trying to add 32bit plugs to a 64bit server, or vice versa.


  • It seems that I am attempting to load a 32bit plugin. I am currently seaching for a 32bit version of VEP on my computer but I cannot find it anywhere on either of my systems. I know from the Youtube video VSL made that both 32 and 64bit versions were opened at the same time.

  • The choice is in the server window, once you have already loaded a connector in your sequencer. I would post a screenshot, but as it's Christmas Day and the studio is closed, I can't.


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    Hi Piano Pete,

    Did you check out the Screenshot on page 10 of the VE PRO 5 manual? It shows all installed components of Vienna Ensemble PRO. The versions without "64 bit" are the 32 bit versions.

    If that doesn´t help, please send me a few screenshots of your situation to


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL