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  • Yet Another suggestion for VIP Improvement?


    So the other day I was building a template in VIP and since I use keyswitches to control articulations I instinctually tried to drag an articulation onto a key on the virtual keyboard instead of an open cell.  Of course nothing happened when I did this but it made me think... well, wouldn't it be cool if I could load articulations onto the virtual keyboard and then a cell would automatically appear in the matrix?  Then if I load another articulation on that same key then it would create a cell vertically under the first which could be controled by CC or another keyswitch or whatever.

    If you don't use keyswitches then load the articualtion into an empty cell like we normally do but if you do use keyswitches I think it would expedite your workflow if you could just drop the articulation right onto the key that you want to assign to it.  Of course if you make a mistake just undue or have a way to change it later.

    Although the current interface size doesn't bother me, somebody on another thread had suggested making the interface larger and I think you would have to do that in order to make my suggestion work.

    If somebody had already suggested this in one of those big long 'wish lists' then my apologies for the redundancy. 

    Is this even technically possible?