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  • Workaround to use controller already used in Expression Map


    As you may know, one limitation of Expression Map in Cubase is that we can't edit a controller (in the piano roll editor) if it is used in the Expression Map. For example, when CC1 is used in the parameters of the Expression Map, changing CC1 in the editor has no effect.

    I think I found a workaround, so I share it. If it's already well known, sorry ! If not, maybe some experts could then go further and propose us new tricks !

    Let say that I want to be able to edit CC20 and use it in the Expression Map. I use an other CC as a substitution, for example CC4 in my case : I set my Expression Map with CC4 instead of CC20. Then, on my MIDI track, I insert Transformer on the MIDI Sends (I believe the "MIDI Sends" slot is not shown by default, right click on the inspector to show it), and I set it to transform CC4 in CC20. See the picture to see how (sorry, my GUI is in french). The important thing is to choose the function "Insert exclusively" (or something like that in english) on the bottom of the Transformer window. As I understand it, this function allows the transformed CC20 coming from Expression Map to have the priority on the "true" CC20 of the editor (so a new articulation has the priority on the edited controller).

    I searched this workaround, because I wanted to be able to do crossfading between vibrato and non-vibrato samples/patches. I put a non-vibrato patch on slot 1a, the corresponding patch for vibrato on slot 1b and then I can do slot crossfading with CC20, keeping the possibility to decide if an articulation will be "loaded" by default in vibrato or in non-vibrato (for example, when I select "sustain", I set in the way that I have the vibrato by default, with CC4, aka CC20, set to 127 in the expression map).

    I hope this could help some users. Do not hesitate if you have questions, or suggestions.