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  • VI Pro and controllers


    I have a question about assigning cc controllers in VI Pro. Lets say I want to add legato violin in one cell and control volume and expression with my breath controller, cc 11 in this case. I also add the staccato articulation in another cell and choose to use keyswitches to alter between them. Is it then somehow possible to let the staccato articulation use velocity for volume and expression? When I try to do this, first adding the legato and then the staccato violin in seems the last choosen controller override the prevoius, and becomes a global setting for all cells.

    Thanks in advance for any tips concering this!

    /Mats from a not so winterlike Sweden

  • Yes that's easy. You need to do these settings in the Advanced tab, rather than use the global setting on the perform page. You have the options for xFade on, off or global. I always set staccato articulations to be off, legato to be on and things like legato repetitions to be global, so that I have a choice.


  • Thanks DG for your reply!

    Despite your info I dont seem to get it to work as I want.

    When I choose velocity xFade "off" in the "edit" tab for staccato and on for legato, I still have to use the "perform tab" to set volume and expression and these are the same for both articulations?




  • Oh, I understand now. So a question; why are you using Volume and Expression rather than velocity xFade?


  • To tell you the truth, i dont really know. I thought that would be the way to control to volume from 0 to 127. Hit the keys and dont hear the instrument until I use the bc. I lived under the impression that it gave me more control over the instrument, to be able to go from 0 and let the instrument grow, if you understand want i mean I did change the volume to 100 on both articulations and, voila, it works to some degree.

  • Velocity xFade is the best way to control expressiveness, because it not only changes the volume, but changes the timbre as well. In the same way, for short articulations, velocity changes the timbre, whereas all Expression and Volume do is change how loud the instrument is.


  • I understand. And let me point out I am a beginner at Vienna software. I could always use the modwheel for volume change to get the degree of control I'm looking for.

    Thank you for your answers!


  • No problem. It takes a while to figure out the best workflow, so keep firing questions...!

    FWIW this is how I think of it:

    1. Velocity xFade (or velocity for short articulations) = instrument performance
    2. Expression = exaggeration of performance, if necessary
    3. Volume = mixing level within the ensemble


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    Thanks DG, you kinda opened my I eyes workflow wise. Your last post made me change some things in the settings and and now I think I know how to do it in a way that suits my needs.😊