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  • Euphoria!

    Euphoria for woodwind quintet embodies the unbridled energy we feel in a state of euphoria. Wind Instruments become bubbles of excitement. With the state of euphoria also comes a serenity that can be heard in the chorale moments between the firecracker pops bursting from the interweaving counterpoint.

    All VSL instruments, mixed and mastered by my wife, Rebecca.

    If you enjoy, I hope you'll consider subscribing to my Soundcloud as I'd like to build a base of listeners :)

    David Carovillano

  • Hi David,

    A very nice composition, well performed. Only the acoustocs could be better. It sounds a bit dull as if there are no reflections. 

    But as a whole, a good piece of music with a good orchestration.

    Thanks for sharing


  • Thank you for your comments, Max. Reverb is one of those ongoing challenges; how much is too much? We're going for more clarity, in light of the fast, intricate passages, but in truth, we change our mind daily, even listening back on various audio systems that make it sound completely different. It's funny though, because on a woodwind forum, a couple of listeners thought it was a real ensemble and wanted to know the names of the players! Lol We will keep plugging away and trying to find that elusive sound we are after. Thanks again for your help! Dave

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