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  • First VSL Composition

    Hey all,

    I picked up VSL SE V1 a few days ago. I love it. It takes some coaxing, but it really sings once you set everything how you like it - and it's customizable enough to actually set everything up how you like it.

    This is my first composition with it. It's a short, "uplifting" film score-style piece.

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    Hi Nineofkings

    Congratulation! Nice done for the first piece! I am astonished about the "steep learning curve" you seem to have. So bravo to this as well! I think you are ready for even biger "works of art".

    If you want a hint for an even better result... Simulating orchestras means:

    A) using samples of real instruments and ensembles - OK

    B) using their articulations in a natural way - OK

    C) mixing the simulated orchestra more ore less as we are used to listen to real orchestra recordings....

    ...If you want to improve your results then you have some potential with point C).

    What could you do? Draw (place) all the used instruments on a virtual stage first. After that you should try to reach their positions also with the mix. So finally you will have instruments from the left to the right but also from the front to the back. Then your mix should mainly get more depth than now.

    Listen to my example here or to this video. Both examples shall show "the depth" in the mix.

    I wish you a lot of success and go on your way


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • I like the Theme, and the uplifting style. I think it has everything what it needs from the Composition Side of View. I would try work on Reverb/ Depth. I think some more Reverb can enhance the Overall Sound



  • Lovely music. It will certainly profit from some more room and depth. Please try it, your music will come to life!


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