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  • Can't find Directory Manager?? - Resolved

    Hi, all!

    I just completed (following step-by-step, I think) the installation of VSL's Appassionata Strings 1.

    Prior, I also inserted the Vienna Key and authorized that.

    So, using VSL's Download Manager, all seemed be going just fine. I have a folder full of .dat files (almost 13 gigs) but, apparently, no way to hear them!

    It seems like I may be missing the "Directory Manager". I've done a spotlight search, etc. and nothing. It is not in the Applications folder (Mac OSX 10.8.5).

    I'm not a newbie with DAWS and libraries, but I am a noob with Vienna.

    Any help would be most appreciated!



  • It should be in your Vienna folder.  At least that's where it is on my set up.

  • Deleted

  • I ws assuming that the player would have been somehow included in the download.

    I was wrong. Went back to the site and found the Vienna Instruments  & Vienna Ensemble Software 5.4 (OS X) build 13888.

    Seems to be working. I haven;t had time to really get into it.