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  • Schubert 5. symphony, 1. movement mockup

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    Hi everybody

    Here is a mockup of the exposition of the Allegro of Schubert's 5. symphony I finished recently. I am very happy with the result, so I thought I'd share it. All samples are from VSL - the winds from the Special Edition (with the SE+ addition), and the strings are the Dimension Strings. Comments are welcome:


  • Hi Dominique Wow. This is just awesome work....incredibly realistic. Perhaps occasionally the release of the violins was somewhat off to my ears for e.g. At 1.04, but this is nearly like a good real performance. Best Anand

  • Great example of Dimension strings in a classical setting! Very well done.

  • Thank you very much Anand. It's true, the tools at our hands today are really incredible. Well spotted about the release notes, here and there I could tweak them a little more.

    Thank you Wayne, glad you like it.

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