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  • Some cells in matrix are red.

    I am attempting to teach myself to how to use Vienna Instruments PRO2 with Finale 2014.5. I have encountered red cells in some matrices and presume that means the cell is unavailable. Those cells don't work, of course, and I wonder what to do? Why are the cells red? The rest of the cells are 'normal'.


  • Hello daerp,

    This means that the articulations are not available with your license. Which cells are red, which articulations do they contain?

    Which presets or matrices are you loading?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi 

    I've had this happen with more than one Preset. An example that shows some red cells is Violin solo - VI Preset VIPRO. (I have the 30 day demo of VIPRO along with all my exisitng libraries (purchased in 2007). I'm surprised that these presets are not available with my licenses. But maybe I am being asked to upgrade somehow? Why?


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    Hi daerp,

    Looks like you have registered "only" the Standard Library for Solo Strings (but you have tested the Extended Library with a demo license in 2007).

    The VI PRO Presets include articulations from the Extended Libraries as well.

    Here is an overview of the articulations for Solo Strings I, divided into Standard/Extended Library.
    If you like, I can send you another demo license for any Extended Library you´d like to test (30 days).


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks, Paul

    The chart was very helpful

    Could you explain the diffence between Extended Libraries and Full Libraries.  I'm considering upgrades but need a little help with understanding how to do it. How does the Full Library compare to Special Edtiion? Where on the VSL site can I find this information? 

    It seems you have my license information. Is what I have purchased now called the Symphonic Cube?

    Sorry for all the questions.