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  • Raga, by Jerry Gerber

    This is the last piece on my new CD.  It is scored around Z3TA-2, using two preset patches:  Seq Arp FL and Richie's Pad.  It's also orchestrated with VSL chamber strings (vlns 1, vlns2, vlas, vc, db).  Length = 4:49


  • Hi Gery,

    This is a fantastic piece: very nice sound, good and surprising mix and balance, original and well composed. You got me listening enthusiastically throughout the whole piece. Such an interesting melting pot (com-position) of beautiful strings and percussive synths!

    (The end is a little too abrupt (as it was cut off). Please let the ambience ring out.)

    Thanks for sharing,


  • Hi Jerry,

    I really like this piece, very good balance of "acoustic' and synth sound.

    Very lively composition.

    I really like Indian classical music.

    I am certainly far from your ability as a composer but I would like a small suggestion (since it is on the forum.)

    Since the title is very evocative 'Raga'...  I am miss the tabla.  I think your main theme would benefit from a tabla rythm or even a synth sound that would carry this role.

    Anyway, only my 2 cents worth.

    Your output as a composer is very impressive!

    Very good work!

    Jean Roy

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