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  • What is best: Many separate VE or one housing several VE?

    I try to figure out what is best: One VE for each instrument like A: 1. image

    Or like this B 2. image

    In A there are only one midi port and 2 audio channels allocated each instance. All instruments returns on their own separate audio channels.

    In B I have to have at least 2 midi ports (32 channels) and ca. 16 channels of audio pr. instance.
    What is best?? In terms of latency & cpu use.

    Regards Stig



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    I guess it all depends on your work flow.

    I have a system that's quite capable of handling huge 16 channel templates chock full of articulations and samples.  However, I choose to keep my VE instances instrument family specific more or less for orginization reasons.  Also, I mix post fader with audio tracks as opposed to MIDI because automation is easier and I can create clips to add effects to specific areas on one track.


    But that's just meūüßĎ

    Your needs are probably different depending on your systems capabilities.

  • Me, I would use one instance for WW/Brass. With probably only the master bus coming back to Cubase. Because I don't have any real reason to make it more complicated than this. I mix in VE Pro with quite a bit of automation, and I ultimately made a policy of less audio outputs for less clutter and less waste of CPU cycles. YMMV.

  • Hi Stig,


    I found that having fewer instances of VEP greatly decreased the CPU load in my sequencer (Digital Performer). I am currently running a large template through one instance of VEP. The CPU load in my sequencer is much happier than when I had 7-8 instances of VEP.

  • Well I think it has to do with the way that your particular DAW handles latency issues. I think in Cubase the selected channel is put into record mode and if this channel is adressing a large VEPro frame with a lot of instruments, then Cubase begins to "suffer".

    Over at VI-Control some suggests that when using Logic you should have many "small" frames.