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  • VEPro crashing when loading Play/Kontakt templates


    VEPro is crashing when I load up metaframes containing Play and Kontakt instances.  This started happening after I had upgraded to 5.4.13888, but I tried going back to my earlier version of 5.4.13741 and it still crashed - so not sure if the new version has written some bad data into the metaframe files?

    The crash also happens on loading a Logic Pro X project which has VEPro instances.  I can also recreate it by setting up a Play instance with a EWQLSO key-switched instrument, and then 'unloading' some of the articulations.

    I'm using OSX 10.9.5 on the slave machine which is running VEPro, Kontakt and Play are both up to date.

    Hope someone can suggest something as this has effectively stopped me working.

    Crash data is here:



  • Hello Ian, 

    That is a crash in Kontakt, please get in touch with Native Instruments. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I am also experiencing metaframe issues (crashes etc) since upgrading to VE 5.4.13888 . I am also experiencing unusual playback issues which never occurred before.

    The metaframe in question has <ONLY> VIENNA INSTRUMENTS.  

    I created a new metaframe under VE 5.4.13888 for comparison.

    The new metaframe always crashes when I attempt to delete an unneeded channel -- even though the channel is turned OFF and has "NONE" for Port / channel assignments. 

    My workflow is to run in REWIRE mode (with Sibelius 7.1.3 and Pro Tools HD 11) on a brand new MAC PRO that's customized to operate audio really well ... (but so far NOT well since upgrading to VE 5.4.13888)

    VE channels will randomly hang on a note playback and not stop until that channel is turned OFF in VE.

    Prior to MAC PRO this problem was very rare and we thought it had to do with RAM - yet the problem is worse on MAC PRO (running Yosemite for Pro Tools HD 11) and only since VE 5.4.13888 

    I am planning to upgrade to SIBELIUS 8 as well as PRO TOOLS HD 12 - so having Vienna Ensemble production ready is Critical to us for the project we are preparing to release.

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    Hi DaytonGlobalEnterprisesInc,

    Please send the metaframe to, best with a detailed description of your setup, so we can try to reproduce this behaviour.

    So the crashes disappear when you are using the latest VE PRO Version from the Software Archive?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL