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  • VEP Pro 5 + Pro Tools WIN on one machine not working

    I just upgraded to Pro Tools 12 (Windows 7), so I lost direct access to my RTAS plugins, in particular Wallander Instruments. On Wqallander's recommendation to use VEP, I've installed the 30-day demo, launched PT, opened a VEP instance in an aux track and added WIVI. However, the VEP Pro Server shows no MIDI connections available. There is no Server panel in VEP | Options | Preferences, and within Pro Tools there's no way to connect to it.

    The manual states: "If you want to use Vienna Ensemble PRO on your Master Computer, you need to start the Vienna Ensemble PRO Server (32 bit or/and 64 bit) on the Master Computer. Then connect Vienna Ensemble PRO to the Vienna Ensemble PRO instance that is displayed as “localhost” in the Server " However, I can't launch VEP Server outside of Pro Tools.  I get an error that "the requested network port is not available."

    When I click on the VEP instance in the Aux track insert, the Status is "Not Assigned."

    Certainly I'm doing (or not doing) something simple and pobvious, but I'm stumped.


    John Melcher 

  • Umm... A reinstall of some Avid drivers and a lot of fiddling with the VEP app has made everything work.  Wallander is receiving MIDI and playing audio back into PT12.  Awesome! I'll be ordering it soon.

    We now rejoin our regularly-scheduled program.