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  • Request for VE-Pro - Networking Issues

    Sometimes, and these things just happen, there is a small glitch in the network and the connection between host and slave is being temporarily disturbed.

    On the host, VE-Pro thinks the connection disconnected, on the slave it thinks it is still active.
     Just to get the connection window up on the host takes about 5 minutes... Then even after forcibly changing the instances on the slave to "disconnected" and trying to reconnect from the host results in an infinite spinning wheel of death.

    The only way out of this is to force quit VE-Pro and Logic.

    I would really wish to see this:

    - A more intelligent re-connecting - and if that is not possible,
    - VE-Pro to be more communicate: What is it trying to do that it can't do?
    - A safety mechanism for connecting attempts to prevent being in a loop for too long. E.g. after x cycles or seconds of trying to do y, quit the process.

    (Logic 10.1, VE-Pro, new Mac Pro + Mac Pro 2008, Mac OS 10.10.3)