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  • [SOLVED] VEPro 5, Win7, instance not found on DAW machine

    Hey guys,

    Here is whats happening, I am hoping someone can help or post a link to a previous discussion, basic searching didnt find an answer for me. thanks!

    I have a mac pro 1,1 running my main daws (cu, dp, pt) where I open a VEP instance and connect to a template open on one of my PCs. My setup has worked for years. It was:

    Mac 1 - Lion - main daws - motu 2408mk3 (x2)

    PC1 - win xp x64, VEP5, Hammerfall HDSP9652 (last working version for xp x64, which i kept all the computers at that version)

    PC2 - win 7 64, VEP5, Hammerfall HDSP9652 - worked then, works now

    So I would load cubase 6.5 on the mac, open an instance of VEP 16 channels and then connect to one of the pc's available templates open. Great stuff!

    Recently I had a corrupted C: drive on the XP x64 machine. So rather than rebuild that one and keep having to use the older version of VEP that works for xp, I decided to install WIN7 64 on that PC.

    Now when I get the PC all set up and upgrade all my VEP on all machines to 5.4.13715, the mac will see the old machine that didnt have any problems just fine, but the new Win7 it just doesnt show up on the mac, as if when you used to have 2 diff versions of VEP and the mismatch would just not appear.

    Any thoughts on how to handle this?



  • Have you reset your network card to use a static IP address, as by default it will be automatically assigned.

    IIRC the first time you start VEP on a clean install, windows will also ask you if you want VEP to access your private network, which you should have clicked yes on.

    Can't think of anything else off the top of my head.



  • Hey Mark, Thanks for the suggestions! Do you know where I would go in win7 to make sure network is allowed for vep? And to set it so if'n its nawt. Thank you!

  • I don't off the top of my head, sitting here with a MBP... however, I 'think' if you were to change the IP address of the network card, it would ask the question again. Not entirely sure that's correct, but worth a go.

    Else it's a quick google on Windows 7 firewall I guess to see where the allow/deny list is.

    I'm no IT person so could be speaking out of my backside.


  • Got it! I had to go to windows firewall and add all the different VEP .exes to the firewall permissions and it popped up perfectly! Thanks for the ideas!

  • Brill!

    Happy to help :)