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  • Finale midi to Cubase

    Hi all,

    Maybe this has been covered in an earlier thread, but I have searched the forum and couldn't find it. Also I've read the manual of Cubase, but somehow it's either I'm doing something wrong, or I just don't find the right way to get what I want. Anyway, the thing is this:

    I'm writing an orchestral piece, using Finale and since Finale's playback is, well, not that great, I thought it would be better to export the Finale file as midi and import it into Cubase. So far so good, everything is imported, tracks are assigned to instruments and playback is much better than with Finale. No glitches, cracks, pops or whatsoever.

    But somehow I can't figure out how I have the first sixteen intruments play in only one Vienna Ensemble instance and the rest in a second instance. For every instrument I need to add a seperate instance of VE, which makes (for my piece) 27 instances of VE.... Although playback is fine, I think there should be another, much better way.

    My method:

    Export the finale file - every staff as single track

    Import it into cubase - there are now the same instruments as in Finale, only of course as Cubase/midi data

    Here I need to add an instrument track --> VST --> Vienna Ensemble opens --> Add instrument --> copy the info from the original cubase track to the VE track

    This has to be done 27 times, thus opening 27 instances of VE in my case, as I can't find out how to add the next instument in the same VE instance. Next midi channel, change inputs, nothing works.

    If this is the way to do it, okay, but I'm prety sure there's a better way, but that I'm somehow doing something not right.

    My gear used for this piece: Finale 2011b, Cubase 7LE, VSL Special Edition 1, kontakt 5, Vir2 percussion. Computer: Core2duo, 8gb ram, Windows 8.1 (64x)

  • Don't use instrument tracks; use the instrument rack. Load VE and route your MIDI tracks there.

    You might also find using XML export/import a better choice then MIDI.

    Dorico, Notion, Sibelius, StudioOne, Cubase, Staffpad VE Pro, Synchon, VI, Kontakt Win11 x64, 64GB RAM, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, August Forster 190
  • Thanks a lot, that id the trick. I had been in that window, but thought it was meant for something else... Anyway, it's solved, makes it a lot easier.