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  • Software product suggestion for VSL

    Why is it possible to move 400 channels of audio from VE PRO Server from slave computer to host computer by just using software and ethernet, but it costs $10,000+ to buy I/O hardware and PCIe cards to move 400 channels from host to Pro Tools rig for printing stems?

  • What's the suggestion?

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  • I suggest to VSL that it builds a solution for this problem, because it has already written a software that can move hundreds of tracks between two computers without very expensive hardware in between.

  • There already is this:

    However, I agree that with the limitations of the above, it would be good to have a rock solid VSL version without those limitations.


  • Thanks DG, awesome! That product is definitelly of the right track, 16 stereo tracks is WAY too few though. With many top composers using 10GBe Ethernet, there should definitely have to be closer to 200 stereo tracks (which is possible to move with VE PRO Server)