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  • Vepro 4 and latest cubase not working?


    I never had any issues with this before, but after updating to the latest version 8 of cubase, and the latest kontakt version..., all i get back from VEpro 4 now is a warped messy sound, everything is distorted and sounding as if it were run through a bitcrusher at very extreme settings.

    Very unusable.


    Upon loading a project, cubase seems to struggle with getting sound from VEpro 4, and after a few seconds the sound starts to deteriorate and go all lofi. Only happens when i run vepro 4, cubase and VSL and kontakt works as it should inside my daw otherwise.The only thing i can do to get the audio back, is disconnect Vepro from cubase in the cubase project by turning the Vienna rack instruments off in cubase, saving..and reopening and turning them back on again,. So there is something corrupting my daw when connecting to Vepro...and i just cannot figure it out....tried everything i can possibly think of and more...but it does not seem to make any difference.


    So vepro 4 not really working anymore?

    I cannot see any updates since 2012.., and upgrading to VEpro 5 costs money..., and i do not really need any of those features anyway.

    Could somone from VSL shed some light on wheter i should or should not expect VEpro to work with the latest cubase incarnation....., ? If no....then basically it is useless anno 2015. 


    Or perhaps someone has had any similiar issues....any help is very appreciated :))


    Oh yes, and i am running windows 7, I7 machine with 32gb of ram and a bunch of ssd drives.

    Vienna, kontakt, cubase and all is up to date...with the exeption of Ve pro 4...which apparently sems to be intended for the collective software junkpile. argh,


    THanx :)

  • Have you tried switching off ASIO Guard?


  • yeah.

    makes no difference...or rather, no difference to this perticular issue, at least :)

  • OK, well you should contact because I haven't used VEP4 for many years, so can't help you specifically with that.


  • Yeah thanx, already did that  :)

    Just checking to see if anyone knew of any more immediate solutions :)