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  • VE Pro 5 or 16 separate VI Pro 2

    I would like to know how many more cpu resources are required to run 16 separate VI plugins alone compared to running 16 VI plugins 'within' VE Pro 5. I use Sibelius and MirX. However, I need to open many VE instances due to rhe various Sibelius Instrument Definitions for each group of instruments, or for each instance of VE. I am just keen to know the pitfalls of running 16 separate instances of VI as AU within Sibelius instead of running a few instances of VE to host my 16 VI. Many thanks in advance Leif

  • Hi Leif,

    I don't know about the exact CPU load difference, but you would need only one single VE instance for your 16 VI player instances (no need for several of those).