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  • Long rumbling tremolos?

    Hi there

    Any one know how you get a long, soft tremolo (timps otr bass drum) lasting for say 8 bars?

    All the examples I'm looking at seem to be a maximum of 4secs? [*-)]


  • Load the sample into your audio editor and loop/edit it to your need.

  • Before the note ends, I'm triggering the note again. I mostly use the variations with release samples for that.


  • You could take two channels/tracks/staves with the same tremolo, and dovetail them, so that they overlap by an eighth note, or so... Stravinsky did that in Le Sacre du Printemps to get extra long trills from wind instruments.


  • jbm ... true for wind instruments but for percussions you don't need two channels/tracks or staves. Percussionists are able to play tremolos several minutes (hours ? [:)]) long ...

  • That make sense - esp the release samples....



  • well, for the score oriented folks such as myself - dual tracks or retriggering is'nt an optimal solution - does'nt look right in the score. Loops would be the right way to go.

    I have looped a couple of the Timp-samples - but its a tedious job to find the right loop points, zero crossings and matching the start- and end-levels.
    So, Herb, are you're by any chance planning to do it sometime, in a not so distant future ?

    best regards
    Bjarne Kristiansen

  • I didn't think we were writing print scores here - that's what Sibelius and Finale are for. Mocking up a performance needs a 'playback' score, different from the one to be published.

    The two should be mutualy exclusive.

    If you're worried about messing up tracks in Cubase, create a folder track for each intsrument and put multiple lanes within it. Then you only have 1 efftective track to view per instrument once it's collapsed.

    just a thought


  • Can't do that in Sonar. [:(]
    Anyway - its not just for publishing I like to use scores. I prefer to do
    most of my orientaion and editing via the score page in Sonar.
    Also I don't think retriggering and layering soundwise is as good a solution as a perfect loop.


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    @Sapkiller said:

    Can't do that in Sonar. [:(]


    You can in Sonar 4 - with the new track folders option. Works great.


  • There is something that works pretty well with strings, brass, i haven't tested it yet on timpani but it should work...Before triggering the first note, increase the release time and trigger a second note (before the first note ends) and so it will ... crossfade smoothly i think.